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CODEFON digital systems

Codefon is a brand that covers a group of products related to intercom systems.


Codefon-portafonija-01CODEFON digital systems
The system meets all the great needs of advanced intercom users. Need to adapt the system to individual users is of great importance so Codafon digital system is offering different solutions to meet all the needs of the market.

Some of the objections of the other intercom system users are: bulky external unit that occupied too much space, vast surnames, frequent mechanical failures, short duration of free entry for residents (especially elderly tenants) and large wiring and installation cost . Also, users are often complaing about long-term failure eliminations and installation problems when there is more entrances to the building, and there is often a problem of unnecessary taking up space in the electricity distribution cabinets.

All this prompted us to offer more quality CODEFON intercom system.

Codefon Outdoor unit was has a compact design. It is produced with microchip technology, reprogrammed and tested before released to the market. Basic settings are set automatically and can, after you connect the system, be adjusted to the needs and wishes of tenants. Codefon system allows you to connect up to 255 apartments one pair.
Touch on the numeric keypad allows you to ring for the desired apartment. The number is added to the last name on a transparent panel under which is automatic light sensor that turns on as needed. In this way, last names are visible in all situations and are easier to find by the user.

The system has an individual approach to each customer. With the help of a code, programmed fob or card it is possible to open the electric lock even when your keys are not available. Expansion of the system can be easily accomplished by adding an outdoor unit. From all above, it is clear that Codefon intercom systems are the best solution on the market.


Codefon digital intercom systems now come in a new design and have the following technical characteristics:

  • 2 wire system
  • 255 telephones can be connected
  • Telephone with microprocessor
  • The call is operated by digital code
  • The door can be opened by telephone
  • Inside door opening button can be connected to the central
  • The illumination of the name plate control /in the darkening automatically switch-on/
  • Each flat has a separate figure lock code by which the resident can open the door from outside
  • Programing can be made by the keyboard
  • In the case of one more doors also more central can be connected to the system
  • An additionally speaker can be connected to the telephone
  • Also the door bell can be connected with the system
  • Plastic box, aluminium front panel, aluminium rain protected





On the following link you can download the brochure: Codefon brosura (0,5 MB)


Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia

Partner in Istria and Kvarner