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Industrial Connection Technology – CLIPLINE

From the modular terminal block to the mounting material and tools, through to the complete PC-aided project planning and marking system, you will find everything you need for perfect control cabinet wiring in the CLIPLINE range.

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CLIPLINE complete combines all connections methods in a unique system. This means that standardized accessories are globally uniform irrespective of whether you opt for a screw, spring-cage, push-in, fast or bolt connection method.

This reduces your logistics costs and allows you to deal with your customers’ requirements flexibly.

All terminal blocks of the CLIPLINE complete system can be freely combined with each other using the uniform double bridge shaft, and can be plugged with the modular COMBI system.

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MARKING system – the simple way from your engineering system to marking requirements for applications.

Phoenix Contact is a competent partner for control cabinet and system engineering. In this context, it is our aim to provide products, services, hardware and software to make the planning and production of systems as efficient as possible.

MARKING system from Phoenix Contact provides a universal labeling system right from planning to the finished printed label. In addition to the wide range of marking materials, the CLIP PROJECT advanced software and various printers are a part of the marking program.

The data for labeling is provided to the printers by the CLIP PROJECT advanced planning software included in the scope of supply. They control the printers and facilitate the creation of marking data by means of data import directly from the circuit diagrams.


MARKING system is divided into three sections:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Marking material

Catalog Modular terminal blocks 2013Catalog Modular terminal blocks 2013

Electrical connections and components in switchgear and control gear can be securely mounted in a time-saving manner by using suitable mounting facilities and selecting the correct tool. The space in the control cabinet can be used optimally by combining the mounting accessories appropriately.

Use of the correct tool allows work to be carried out in a time and energy-saving manner. Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive product range for this. The automatic tools in particular allow optimum preparation of cables and conductors for effective wiring of your systems. DIN rails form the basis of the “insides” of the control cabinet. Cut to length with the DIN-rail cutter and perforated individually, they ensure a secure hold of the DIN-rail mountable components.


They can be positioned individually in the control cabinet using the appropriate supports, mounting.

End brackets ensure a secure hold of the components on the rails, even in case of jolts and vibrations. Covers and shield connection clamps from Phoenix Contact guarantee the necessary safety for both user and system. Neutral busbars and pick-off terminal blocks complete the range.brackets or bracket adapters.

Catalog Modular terminal blocks 2013









Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia

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