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Pizzato Elettrica – Introduction

Pizzato Elettrica Company was established in the year 1984 at Marostica (VI) – Italy and is now one of the most important European companies manufacturing position switches, safety switches, foot switches, microswitches and safety module. Nabla plus offers complete product line of Pizzato Elettrica products, form which many are immediately available from stock.

Range of products:

Logo-Pizzato_industrial_rgbPosition switches

  • Heavy duty series switches; FD-FP-FL-FC series
  • Normal duty series switches FR-FM-FX-FZ-FK series
  • Modular prewired position switches
  • Microswitches
  • Switches for special application

Lift devices

  • Position switches
  • Switches with manual reset
  • Switches for over-speed devices with manual reset
  • Switches with electrical reset
  • Door switches
  • Operator switches
  • Control stations EL AC series
  • Control stations EL AN series
  • Automatic floor levelling op. devices
  • Signalling switches

Safety devices

  • Safety switches with separate actuactor
  • Sensors
  • Hinge operating safety switches
  • Safety switches with separate actuactor with block
  • Safety Handles
  • Rope safety switches

Safety modules

  • Safety modules CS AR for emergency stop and gate monitoring
  • Safety modules CS AR-51 for emergency stop, gate monitoring, safety mats and safety edges with 4 wires technology
  • Safety modules CS AT for emergency stop and gate monitoring with delayed contacts at the opening of the input channels
  • Safety timer modules CS FS
  • Safety modules CS DM for synchronism control or bimanual control device
  • Standstill monitor safety modules CS AM
  • Expansion modules CS ME with istantaneous contacts or delayed contacts at de-energizing
  • CS MF pre-programmed multifunction modules
  • CS MP programmed multifunction modules

Man-machine interface

  • Single foot switches PX-PA series
  • Modular multiple foot switches PC series
  • Pushbuttons PU-PL series
  • Double and triple pushbuttons PD – PT series
  • Emergency pushbuttons PE series
  • Selectors SE-SL-SC series
  • Indicator lights IL series
  • Single contact blocks CP-CF series
  • Single self-monitored contact blocks CP-CF series
  • Double contact blocks CP-CF series
  • LED holders LP-LF series
  • Protected contact blocks FR-FX-FK series
  • RJ45 socket
  • USB socket
  • Potentiometers E6 series
  • Illuminated disc VE DL series
  • Enclosures ES series
  • Enclosures EA series
  • Accessories VE series



Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia

Partner in Istria and Kvarner