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Solar Power


Guaranteeing the safety and durability of photovoltaic (PV) facilities.

As experts in the solar energy equipment field, Socomec has all the specialist know-how for implementing key strategic functions in PV facilities, including:

• safety, through specially designed switch disconnectors to cut the DC current generated by solar panels regardless of the facility configuration and operating conditions

• the reliability of DC facilities thanks to solutions preventing the degradation of insulation and electric arc failure in DC current

• control of very high-efficiency energy conversion, via PV inverters, to transform all energy generated by the solar panels into power to be consumed locally or re-injected into the national grid.

Let Socomec help you get a return on your investment from your photovoltaic energy production facility. The SUNSYS range of Socomec inverters provides totally reliable, extremely high performance DC/AC conversion levels in all environmental conditions (periods of sunshine, temperature, etc.). In addition, to maximize conversion output during periods of low sunlight, the SUNSYS P33, P66 and P100 inverters offers benefits due to their innovative modular design.

To make sure you get a return on your investment, it is essential to guarantee the integrity and safe maintainability of your photovoltaic facility. Socomec designs and manufactures the entire chain of switching, control, protection and monitoring components for the facility. What’s more, Socomec assures the integration of dedicated components in combiner boxes that have been tested according to the specific requirements of photovoltaic facilities, from domestic applications through to entire solar farms.

Real-time supervision of your photovoltaic facility’s output! As specialists in energy control and management, Socomec offers you its full system for the supervision of your entire photovoltaic facility. The easy-to-install and use SUNGUARD helps you remote monitor in real-time all the components of the photovoltaic installation. This you way you can monitor your energy production and easily calculate your return on investment.

Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia

Partner in Istria and Kvarner